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What is Follow the Yogi?

We are a community of people who are passionate about yoga. Our mission is to connect students with yoga instructors based on location, skills, and schedules.

Our Story

Follow the Yogi was created by a yoga instructor and business professional who has spent many years behind the scenes in the yoga community. After many years of working with numerous yoga companies, studios and instructors throughout the country, our founder realized the strong need for yoga instructors and their students to be completely connected.

With the yoga community growing and expanding rapidly over the past few years, yoga instructors have had to use numerous resources for networking to keep students informed of their class schedules, workshops, retreats and so much more.  With the majority of instructors being independent contractors, they are usually spread out among numerous communities, or even the country, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  The many different options available to students make it difficult to follow everything an instructor has going on without researching numerous sites.

Our goal at Follow the Yogi is to simplify all of that and create a space for yoga instructors to publish all of their information on one site.  Making it easy to share all that they do with their current students, while also making it simple for new students to find them with ease.  With Follow the Yogi, students are able to search for yoga near them, find and follow instructors, view instructor profiles at a glance, sign up for classes and events directly, and gain access to the yoga community.

We believe in simplicity at Follow the Yogi and that following yoga instructors and finding yoga should be easy.  We are building a strong yoga community based on these values, which we feel is essential.  We want students to get the most out of what yoga instructors have to offer on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

We invite you to sign up today, become a part of the community, and enjoy all of the benefits that Follow the Yogi has to offer.